Mystical Tarot Archetypes

The Psychological Portrait 

Discover the intricate layers of your personality, mission, and talents through the lens of archetypal symbolism of Tarot. This method combines ancient wisdom with modern psychology, offering a holistic view of your inner landscape.

How It Works:

Archetype Exploration: Dive into the archetypal realms that shape your being. Each archetype holds keys to understanding different facets of your personality and purpose.

Date of Birth Significance: Uncover the influence of archetype numerology on your psychological makeup. Your date of birth serves as a portal to unveiling the archetypal positions that guide your journey.

Portrait Positions: Explore specific positions within your psychological portrait, each shedding light on essential aspects such as energy, life lessons, higher mind, soul examination, subconscious mind, conscious mind, mission/purpose, and main talent/gift. 

What You Can Learn:

Gain clarity on your innate strengths and areas for development.

Understand the lessons life presents and how to navigate them.

 Unlock the potential of your higher mind for having a fulfilled life


Archetype Calculator

Use the calculator to unveil your 8 main archetypes and gain deeper insights into your psychological portrait.
Embrace the wisdom of the Tarot archetypes and allow them to inspire you on your path of self-discovery and personal growth.

Archetype Calculator

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